English speaking guide (licensed) for mountain amd sightseeing tours in Nagano, JAPAN. Naoko Ito will guide you around the Japanese Alps and more.

English speaking guide
An English speaking guide (licenced) for a private tour.
Naoko Ito who is so into the beauty of nature guides you.
Hiring a local guide gives you advantage before starting your travel to Japan. You can get more specific information you need and clear up your questions by asking me beforehand/on the spot.
Japan is full of fascinating natures. I hope you come and see for yourself!

Guiding service

Mountain guide
Hiking and trecking in the Japanese Alps and mountains of all areas in Japan upon request. a 1 day hike or a 2-3 day ridge traverse by staying at mountain huts is available.
June and July are recoomended for the season of fresh green. It sometimes rainy but you can enjoy quiet mountain trips before the busy season. September is also recommended for long ways.
(No rock-climbing guide with ropes and belay device.)
  • Rate: 35000 yen / day + expenses

Yatsugatake mountain range The Southern Japanese Alps Mt.Gassan The Southern Japanese Alps Tokugo-touge mountain pass Mt.Kanayama

Sightseeing guide
Flexible private tour is available. One day tour and around tour upon request. Nice places not in guide books.
Mainly in Nagano prefecture. Neighboring prefectures such as Gifu, Toyama and so on are also available.
  • Rate: 30000 yen / day + expenses
Recommended One Day Tours
Daio Wasabi Farm Scenic "Azumino" Bike & Hike (All year)
Let's go leisurely biking and hiking in the area of rustic charm called Azumino. Enjoying a superb view of Japanese Alps, tasting wasabi and finding pure streams and Dososhin deities of the roadsides.
Matsumoto Castle Cultural Walk in a castle town "Matsumoto" (All year)
Let's walk around a castle town Matsumoto. Reaching the summit of Matsumoto castle tower, tasting sake and miso, looking for some nice souvenirs at dotted small old shops.
Tsumago Time Travel in "Kisoji" (All year)
Kisoji is a part of Nakasendo trail. Let's visit postal towns still look as it used to and hike between them as people in the old days did. Fine Japanese lacquer and wood woks are also worthy to check. *In winter, the trail is basically covered in snow.
Tsumago Historic city Walk in "Okaya" and "Suwa" (All year)
Let's walk through the cities once flourishing center of sericulture and silk production. You can feel long history by visiting working silk mill on-site, historical shrines and a sake brewery of 350 year history.
Togakushi Ascetic Hike in "Togakushi" (Mid-April through November)
Togakushi is a place of mountain worship. Let's visit Togakushi shrines one by one like ascetic trainers and pilgrim once did by following the old road called Kodo.
Snow Monkey Park Snow Monkey & Onsen & Sake (All year)
Let's have heart-warming experience in snowy mountain area by watching snow monkeys bathing. Body-warming experience will be achieved by soaking in an Onsen hot spring and tasting sake at a local brewery.
Kamikochi Nature Hike in "Kamikochi" (Mid-April through Mid-November)
Kamikochi is a place of natural scenic beauty. The valley is a part of National Park and encircled by 2-3000m Japanese Alps. You can enjoy magnificent scenery, abundant clear waters and wild life by visiting ponds through the forest of highland.

And more...
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Tateyama Kurobe
Alpine Route

  • Obuse town, Hakuba, Norikura highland, Shirahone onsen, Iiyama and kijimadaira (Nagano prefecture)
  • Takayama, Magomejuku, Hidafurukawa, Hirayu and Shinhotaka onsen (Gifu prefecture)
  • Gokayama, Sankyoson, Kurobe kyokoku (Toyama prefecture)
  • Ancient roads such as Yamanobenomichi (Nara prefecture), Shionomichi trail (Nagano prefecture), etc.
Forest therapy guide
Visiting a beautiful pond surrounded by beech forest located in Otari village (Nagano pref.). We walk around the forest and lie down on the fallen leaves of beech trees. Let's feel the nature more familier to you by using the five senses. See "Forest Therapy in Otari" for details.

Planning service
I can help you make a plan for your travel in Japan, especially the areas mentioned above.
(You need to arrange accomodations, transportations and so on by yourself. I can give you the information, locations for example, that will be convinient for your plan.)

Client review

Zenkoji "Naoko is a wonderful guide. We found her informative, very friendly but also calm and competent. She had researched all aspects of our enjoyable tour including transportation, a tour of the temple in Nagano, a fabulous excursion to the Snow Monkey Park and a lovely ending to our day in an onsen. We highly recommend her services and enjoyed her company very much."
--- Maureen (from the U.S.)
Zenkoji Snow Monkey Park Snow Monkey Park
My clients are from:
Germany, France, the U.S., Canada, Hawaii, England, Greece, Spain, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, Singapore and Australia.
Photographed in 2011.
So, take that into consideration :)

  • Licenced English tour guide
    (by Japan National Tourism Organization [Japanese government])
  • Mountain guide
    (by Japan Mountain Guides Association and Nagano Prefecure)
  • Forest therapist
    (by Forest Therapy Society)

Resident in:
Azumino city, Nagano prefecture

Enjoy the beauty of natures in Japan!
The Central Japanese Alps Amo Prefectural Park The Southern Japanese Alps
Mt.Manaita Mt. Kinpu Tokugo-touge mountain pass
The Southern Japanese Alps The Northern Japanese Alps Beech forest in Tohoku region
Mt.Azumaya and Mt.Neko Mt.Kashimayari Atera Valley
Mt.Cho Fresh Green Yatsugatake mountain range
Mt.Gassan Fresh green of beech trees Mt.Chokai in Tohoku region
Mt.Yakushi Mt.Kanayama naobe.com

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